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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a signal?

Signal refers to a Long or Short trade call. It contains information about when to enter (entry price), when to book profits (target price) and when to cut losses (stop-loss price). Of course, these are just recommendations and are not predictions. No one can predict the stock market. But, a robust analysis will increase the chances of success.


Who should I subscribe to?

We understand that there could be plenty of experts to choose from. Every expert will go through good and bad phases so there will never be one answer. We recommend you check out the basic statistics and go through different plans to pick the one that suits you most. Of course, you can subscribe to multiple experts at once as well.


How do you ensure the quality of experts?

We test the signals for few weeks before giving the expert access to our platform. As there are good and bad days for every trader, we will be patient with their evaluation. We will also help the experts to get SEBI verified as soon as possible.


I am an expert at stock market and plan to give signals. Can I be part of Resignal?

Absolutely. We are constantly looking out for the best. If you think you or your organization can help thousands of retail traders trade better, leave us a message above and we will get back to you.


My question is not listed above. How to contact Resignal?

Worry not. We are here to help you. Go to the Contact page and send us a message. You can also mail us at We will be in touch with you soon.